founder Education deals with the human growth in mind, spirit, character and effective behavior and every subject we teach should serve as a tool to achieve this objective

Our Founder: Dr G R Damodaran, The Flame of inspiration.

Dr.G.R. Damodaran College of Science is one of the Institutions under the GRD Trust founded by the illustrious educationist whose name adorns the college. Started in1988, the college has grown into a fitting memorial to Prof.G.R.Damodaran, educational visionary and institution builder par excellence. It was Dr. GRD who, as its founder Director, developed the Coimbatore PSG group into a nationally renowned center of excellence in Arts, Engineering, Applied Science, Technology and Management. Over a period of 4 decades of dedicated Endeavour. Dr.G.R.Damodaran held numerous positions of leadership with great distinction , and his educational services spanned a wide range of fields and sectors.

As a chairman of the Southern Regional Committee of AICTE, as member of the AICTE and some of its Boards, as chairman of the Government in India’s High Power Committee on the reorganization of Polytechnic Education(1969-1970), as Vice Chancellor of the composite Madras University, as a long serving member of its Syndicate, as a member of Parliament and a member of the Legislative Council of Tamilnadu and as chairman or member of countless other State Level and National committees dealing with several aspects of education, Prof.Dr.G.R. Damodaran provided outstanding creative leadership in the post independence era of educational ferment, his search for new directions in the quest for educational relevance and quality led to numerous pioneering contributions, practices and structures such as industry-institution interaction, sandwich programmes, autonomy of institutions, semester patterns, continuous assessment, project based teaching, applied sciences programmes, interdisciplinary courses and non-formal and continuing education, which are common place today. He was among the first to usher in management education in the South.

Dr.G.R.Damodaran College of Science and GRD Institutions are proud heirs to the founder’s heirs to the founder’s ideals, values and approaches. His path breaking ideals like relevance, quality, futurism, student centricity, continual updating and responsibility to society from the core of the concerns of the college and direct all its activities and plans. From him the GRD Institutions have imbibed his work culture characterized by dedication, meticulousness and concern for fellow beings, the culture summed up by his favourite credo ‘Work is Worship’.


Following the footsteps of this great visionary, in constant pursuit of excellence in education services is the leadership team , faculty and administration under the able guidance of Dr. D Padmanaban, the Correspondent of GRD CS.

IMG-20200501-WA0080 secretary Principal vice-principal
Mrs.Geetha Padmanaban
Dr T Santha