C2C Enablers as the name suggests are our collective efforts aimed at facilitating an effective Campus to Corporate transition. The primary focus here is to enable quick utilization of our student resources once employed along with the benefit of a smooth, seamless transition from student to an employee.

Instead of Campus to Corporate being a onetime end of term activity or formality, glimpses of the business world are shared at regular intervals and in various modes right from the start the term. A wide spread of programs throughout their course schedule allow our students to connect to the corporate players, understand industry needs and shape themselves accordingly in a well paced and orderly fashion.

We understand that each individuals learning pattern and interest is different from the others which necessitates availability of wide variety of learning modes and a fun learning atmosphere. Apart from classroom sessions, students are offered various learning platforms to choose modes that best fit their ability and interest. The grid below shows how each program contributes to improving the knowledge, skill and attitude of our students. Visit our blog for our students account of learning experiences from such programs

Host Programs

In addition to gathering knowledge and skills in the respective areas, organizing and executing the host events by themselves shape a student’s attitude and personality by inculcating the ethics of honesty, positive attitude, team spirit, leadership and innovation. They understand the importance of coordination, being self driven, being accountable, delivering on time and contingency planning. Programs hosted by us include

Face to Face:
Face to FaceA platform to interact and learn lessons of life from the most accomplished and eminent personalities in various fields.
In Face to Face programs Students evolve in the process of asking and listening, when they hear it from people they adore and respect. The 150th Face to face events was a milestone marked by Dr APJ Abdul Kalams presence and interaction. In our constant strive to outperform ourselves, further events were marked by interactions with eminent personalities including Sunitha Williams, Jeff Hoff man and Sam Cawthorn.

CEO Word Series:
CEO Word SeriesA platform where the Who’s who in corporate world share Winning ways and Words of wisdom.
Having been there and done that, great men and women from various fields help our students visualize the corporate garden with its roses and thorns. The programs are marked by candid recollections of their path to success including tips and tricks of the trade learnt from not just what clicked but also what didn’t. Students learn to dream and also to work towards making a reality through perseverance and passion.

Creative Streaks:
Creative StreaksA sought after competition for students to communicate a concept in a creative way.
With the corporate world today insisting on innovation and creativity in its employees, GRD SCIB provides a platform to kindle the creative streak at much early stages of student life and also experiment it. When participants get to see their very own ideas take shape, proven to and appreciated by others, they break the “creativity is an inborn talent” myth and see it as a skill that can be learnt and honed.

TedxGRD :
TedxGRDAn independent TedX event operated under license from TED to promote Learning
TedxGRD brings together Retail Professionals, Management Consultants, Chief Executive Officer, Cricketers and Artists to share big ideas about collaborative action and sustainable solutions on the concept of learning. The themes are diverse art, education, entrepreneurship and culture. The prelaunch activities for this event included a Walkathon and Flashmob by students to create awareness and encourage participation. Click here to connect to our TedxGRD site

Horizon and Mumbai IV:
Horizon and Mumbai IVA forum of experts sharing their ideas, views and opinion to complement the knowledge gathered from books.
The Horizon Conclave is a conference of experts in the industry organized at Mumbai usually as a part of the Industrial visit to the dream city of India. The IV includes a train journey between Coimbatore and Mumbai, visits to the organized and unorganized retail setups , informative sessions at World trade Center, Bombay Stock Exchange and Jawarhalal Nehru Port Trust as well a tour of the city for shopping, entertainment and fun. More