Affiliate Programs

GRD SCIB leverages the expertise of training vendors in their areas of specialization ranging from life skills, outdoor training to subject specific training in logistics, banking etc. A regular dose of such training programs in a completely different atmosphere moulds our students to become better human beings and professionals.

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Boot Camp:

A 3 day outdoor training program that brings out hidden talents and skills in our students. In the process, students learn the most sought after employee behavior: Team playing and being a People person. Master Stroke Outbound Training program takes the participants through a memorable experience filled with fun and learning, reinforces their understanding of Behavioral Sciences and Management, sharpens their skills, and brings about a radical transformation in their attitude and functioning and thus bridges the gap between college and corporate

Yes Plus:

A 4 day powerful life-skills program, that charges the youth with a fresh breath of vigor, enthusiasm, excellence and responsibility. It helps them realize their hidden potential and discover their true self. Students learn the art of Concentration by practicing simple techniques that will keep them focused and relaxed at the same time. They also become better at decision making by flushing out emotional stress and making informed objective decisions


An online career enhancement tool initiated by cricketer Kris Srikkanth, aims at personality transformation and enhancing the employability skills of students and career aspirants.. In this product, Kris Srikkanth uses a simplified methodology (the language of Cricket) for easy understanding of career enhancement skills, personality and complex management issues for students. This product will make the students Industry ready. Careerstrokes bridges the gap between the graduates from colleges and the entry level corporate by providing the required skill sets to make the youth employable.

Corporate Theatre:

A 2 day activity training program to help students understand the value of team work, having positive attitude. An excellent workshop scheduled at the beginning of the program to help students trigger the dormant talents , shed inhibitions, step of their shells and exhibit their strengths

Exchange program:

Students in final year are encouraged to go thru a certification program in International Business from University of Southampton, UK

CII Logistics Certification program:

Knowledge in Logistics is essential for business in global village, especially for students aspiring for a role in international business arena. A 3 day intensive training on Logistics is provided in 2nd year of the MIB program