A platform to interact and learn lessons of life from the most accomplished and eminent personalities in various fields.

In Face to Face programs Students evolve in the process of asking and listening, when they hear it from people they adore and respect. The 150th Face to face events was a milestone marked by Dr APJ Abdul Kalams presence and interaction. In our constant strive to outperform ourselves, further events were marked by interactions with eminent personalities including Sunitha Williams, Jeff Hoffman and Sam Cawthorn.

The recent Face to Face : With Sam Cawthorn‚ A Kairo Moment

An event that has been a life changing experience for not just students but all in the institution. The interesting and inspiring motivation quotes usually read from texts, heard as stories of the past, was played out live, realtime in front of the audience by this one of a kind Motivation speaker from Australia. He kept the crowd in rapt attention and awe for hours together like never before. One of our students shares his experience and learning below, also recounting and relating it to all his learning from other sources and what more promising to live by it.

I MIB2013-15


Yesterday (27.1.2014) was one of a most memorable and precious day in my life, that I was fortunate to have a face to face with such an inspiring and energy packed speaker. The first thing that impressed me about Cawthorn was his ATTITUDE.


After he lost his hand and leg in an accident, not giving up his positive thoughts and attitude changed his life into a history and he made a mark in this world.

“IF YOU LOOK THE RIGHT WAY, YOU CAN SEE THAT THE WORLD IS A GARDEN”Cawthorn looked at the right time and took his life in right way, and made his life and the life of others a colourful garden.According to Cawthorn, his attitude found the solution to the problem and helped become a successful person.I was surprised to see such a speaker who put down his weakness, only just to encourage us!! It touched me a lot!!As I’m a music lover and the way Cawthorn played the guitar, made me feel inspired.

People with a trust in positive thoughts and hard work will never fail and Cawthorn is one best living example for it.

Bounce forward- a book that is written by him speaks about how to win crisis. I am yet to read it but with just glimpses of it from his motivational speech I want to BOUNCE FORWARD ALL THE CRISIS THAT COME INTO MY LIFE.

If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

As Cawthorn realized he cannot change what happened to him, what he lost in the accident, he changed his way of thinking instead and made miracles happen in his life.

“Positive attitude enables you to go with passion and see possibility in every challenging circumstances. It was by that, that great achievers picked up metal scraps on the floor and saw machines built from it”

“It’s not often that a man comes back from the dead and lives to tell the tale but Sam is one of those miracle men”

” Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract Positive life experiences”- After meeting such a person who lives all the above and encourages others to lives so… I have kept my mantra in Life as I CAN I CAN.. To See things positive, Take things positive and MAKE things to be positive in my life..

Without doubt the BEST speaker I have ever heard and one of the most inspirational hours of MY LIFE.