Summer Internship Case study

Summer internship are usually a platform for students to get their first glimpse of the Corporate world ; to understand Corporate/ business functioning , relate to and apply concepts learnt in the academic process, in a live environment. With various corporate connect activities already having met most of that objective, our students choose to focus on value addition and delivery right at this stage to make it a mutually beneficial project. While on one hand they update themselves on latest business concepts, tools, techniques and technology, they try to contribute to the organizations growth in their own way, given an opportunity. NDTV Ethnic was one among those to provide such an opportunity.

The CEO of NDTV Ethnic, Mr Rahul Narvekar already had an understanding of the potential of the institution and its students through his regular visits for guest lectures and events like CEO Word’s series and TEDXGRD. 10 management students worked on this project , where they had to identify ethnic products from various corners of the country will later be sold online in an ECom initiative of NDTV by the name of Indianroots. The key was to identify suppliers who until then didn’t have the chance or channel to showcase their products. Limitations wrto Logistics, projection on line, appeal to foreign markets etc also had to be taken into account. This meant a lot of research, networking and travelling. It also meant thinking out of the box and not giving up soon. Students identified suppliers for ethnic products ranging from clothing, footwear, accessories and dcor.

Impressed with the deliverables, in addition to a internship pay cheque appreciating their efforts Rahul also made spot offers to couple of these interns to join NDTV Ethnic on course completion. Many of our other recruiters also choose to provide internship opportunities for SCIB Students.

While we thank the Corporate players for such opportunities, we also welcome and value feedback on our student performance during internship in their esteemed organization. Kindly take a couple of minutes to fill out the Internship feedback form and help us to mould our students further and also understand your needs better.