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The recent CEO Words series :
Sridhar Ramanujam On Brand Management

Our students account on the event and learning:

Sridhar Ramanujam is a communication consultant, author, columnist, trainer, teacher, cricket enthusiast and a passionate social activist. He comes with a PG Management degree from IIM Bangalore and MA in Economics from Loyolo college.

Lavanaya Kumar
MIB 2013-15

The CEO word series by Ramanujam Sridhar gave us an in depth knowledge about branding and its power. I felt the importance of branding since we come across it everyday from the moment we wake up to the end the day – right from a mobile alarm waking us up, the breakfast cereal, our dress, the car we drive to college or work in to the mattress we sleep on in the night.

Sharing the speakers words..

“A brand is total sensory experience a customer has with your company and its product or service”. A brand is something that lies in the corner of someones mind and it is the most stable corporate assert.

Your promise to the market
Your point of differentiation.
Visual impression of your company
Heart and soul of your organization
Perception in the minds of your customer.
An experience of your value proportion also brand identity and brand image variesHaving shared all this, Mr Ramanujam emphasized the value of quality of product or service which was the major learning in this session for me. While a brand speaks for itself it has to be supported enough by an excellent product or service. A brand lasts as long as the service does

Brand = product + value of association

In future, any branding I intend to develop for my personality or product, I will have to support it with value addition and excellent service.