A sought after competition for students to communicate a concept in a creative way.

With the corporate world today insisting on innovation and creativity in its employees, GRD SCIB provides a platform to kindle the creative streak at much early stages of student life and also experiment it. When participants get to see their very own ideas take shape, proven to and appreciated by others, they break the “creativity is an inborn talent” myth and see it as a skill that can be learnt and honed.

Creative streaks Aug 1

Hear from Shruthi R Prasad, MIB A 2013-15 an account of her experience in organizing and participating in the event

Shruthi R Prasad
MIB A 2013-15
The first and foremost event in GRD is Creative Streaks. Really on a personal level, being in this college for 4 years, the first time was the be best experience.
Because being freshers we don’t know what’s going to happen. And all we can see is just the enthusiasm, energy and preparation of the senior students.We were presented a demo based on this event from the seniors to get an idea. We just couldn’t believe the amount of creativity that was shown. And wasn’t very sure that we could, we as in our class could bring up to the same level. Through tips and discussions we started to get some ideas. We wanted a topic that could attract people and get there attention.
So thus we decided on.creating a theme of the present and the future. We wanted not just the theme to glow but the presence as well.We brought in a lot of posters,equipments,paints everything we needed to create something special. And guess what, we had to create it in our classrooms!! How cool is that! We could transform the room into a entirely different world. We had a video presentation based on the theme as well. We made sure we also had good speakers to present the best. Yes, it was a one of the best experiences. And so forth the years after that was fun as ever. We had better plans,themes,ideas and realized how much potential that each and every one had inside of us to do something creative.

Every year this would be the first bench mark to focus on our skills and creativity. But not just that, but also the teamwork is very important. I have one more year to go, and just can’t wait to make the best of it as always. Of course the last and the first will always be cherished and memorable:)