The Department: GRD SCIB

GRD SCIB and GRD IM are divisions of GRD CS with CRISIL Business School A logo11 rating offering programs to train future managers for todays complex and challenging global business environment. They empower the students with knowledge and skills to operate in any sector including Retail, Foreign Trade, Banking, Insurance, Market Research & Analysis, Logistics and Finance.

The GRD School of Commerce and International Business has distinguished itself as a unique symbol of knowledge, talent & determination. To match the fast changing socio-economic environment, the department strives to bring out the latent talent in the students and mould them into competent professionals. The students feel a unique and deep sense of belonging for the discipline owing to its exciting programs both theoretical and practical. All to see them evolve as good leaders.

GRD SCIBs’ staple mission has been to impart education of sublime standards to logo12 the students and encourage students to explore new ideas. There is a healthy environment for their young and supple minds to develop the ability to express, articulate and analyze the managerial issues. Besides, we spare no efforts to mould them into landmarks in all their earnest endeavors by inculcating self- confidence, wisdom and the power to lead eventually, to help the nation scale great heights in all fronts.